Sustainable Fashion Masterclass

Get the replay of the Sustainable Fashion Masterclass with Daisy Schubert from Walkin Wardrobe all about how to create a sustainable wardrobe that works, along with a mini e-book pulling together and summarising lots of the golden nuggets of information and inspiration contained within!

With these two fab resources you’ll be able to explore:
– Why it matters what we wear
– How to build a sustainable wardrobe
– What criteria should define our purchases

Along with:
– Ideas for what we can all do to create a more sustainable wardrobe
– Top tips from Daisy for how to find your own style and pull together a sustainable wardrobe around that style
– How to clear out your wardrobe sustainably without overwhelming the charity shops or chucking clothes into landfill
– Ideas for reducing microfibre pollution from our clothes
– Further resources for finding out more


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